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AK soldiers, who were no longer available of large consignments of arms and ammunition at the beginning of the insurrection, end up facing a desperate situation in the face of the depletion of their reserves, the lack of food and the harsh living conditions in a city turned into Ruins. In the following days, 15, of them are taken to several prison camps in Germany.

Another 16, AK fighters have died in the fighting in the city. Almost all Warsaw civilians are sent by the Germans to concentration camps and labor camps and to the Ravensbruck, Auschwitz and Mauthausen extermination camps. Between , and , Varsovian civilians are killed or perished as a result of the fighting. Between , and , civilians are forced to leave their homes.

Once the uprising is suppressed, the Germans use explosives and flamethrowers to erase Warsaw from the map. The old town is demolished completely , leaving only one building habitable. These fires were intended to leave the Polish resistance without shelter. The new Communist government provisionally transfers the capital to Lublin , beginning the reconstruction of Warsaw already before the end of the contest.

Armia Krajowa fighters released from prison camps at the end of World War II have to choose between exile in the UK and in other countries, or return to Poland and risk communist repression , which is turned against many members of the AK as a threat to the new state.

Many former AK soldiers who had fought against the Nazis are executed or sent to Communist concentration camps.

Warsaw 1944 - Official UK Trailer

Others are pushed into hiding, and not a few decide to continue their work of resistance against the new invaders, being finally captured, tortured and executed, as happened to Witold Pilecki , the Polish officer who infiltrated Auschwitz to inform the Allies about what was happening there. Serve these lines of remembrance and homage for the Poles who fought in that uprising and for those who suffered the brutal repression that followed , both the unleashing by the Nazis and the launching by the Communists. Honor and glory to the heroes!

The Warsaw Uprising of 1944

Today, the Warsaw Uprising is commemorated with various events in the Polish capital. Header image: Mariusz Kozik.

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The Warsaw Rising in Berlin

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If the 1944 Warsaw Uprising were to be called pointless, the memory of it will die

The author of this blog is not responsible for the use and purposes that Feedburner gives the data provided. In the website of Feedburner you can consult its privacy policy and its terms of service. Celebrations will go on all night. The anniversary will also include music events. From 29 July to 26 October, Warsaw Rising memorabilia and 70 posters presenting the history of Warsaw from the pre-war period until are on display at The Warsaw Uprising of exhibition in the Topography of Terror Documentation Centre in Berlin. It was probably from here that Himmler ordered his units to annihilate Warsaw and kill its residents.

World War 2: Warsaw Uprising

They come in 10 chronological chapters and tell the story of Warsaw from the pre-war period until today. Three cabinets full of Warsaw Uprising memorabilia and documents, complete with multimedia materials, will help the audience learn more about the fate of insurgents. This ultimately led to the establishment of the Solidarity trade union and set off unstoppable and irreversible change in all of Eastern Europe. The city was totally destroyed by Germans in retaliation after the Warsaw Rising.

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Opinion: Local governments threaten the unity of the Polish state. Analysis: The rule of law is not inferior in Central and Eastern Europe.