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International Plastic Modellers' Society Nederland. The F-5 was developed by Northrop as a lightweight multi-mission aircraft in the nineteen fifties capable of speeds of about Mach 1. It was aimed at air forces that had no big budgets available and the USAF did not really put in big orders for this plane, only a dozen being evaluated in Vietnam.

US seeks to restart parts manufacture for Taiwan F-5s

Overall about F-5As and two-seat F-5B aircraft were built. Of the F-5, several variations were developed, based on specific air force specs of various countries. This F-5 version has two more powerfull engines and some extra equipment as compared to the usual F-5A. The major external characteristics of the Dutch NF-5 are: - tailhook below aft fuselage later also used for F-5E type - two large split air intake doors aft of main wing trailing edge in both sides fuselage to provide extra air to engines later also used for F-5E type - provision to carry also the larger gallon underwing fueltanks - manoeuvring leading edge" flaps - other nose wheel leg that could be extended - different cockpit main instrument panel layout - slightly larger intake than USAF F-5A for the more powerfull Canadian Orenda engines similar to CF Compared to the F-5A, it was lengthened and enlarged, with increased wing area with and more sophisticated avionics.

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Northrop Grumman awarded $22M for T, F5 engineering -

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Invalid Email-Id Or Password!!! The first contract for the production F-5A was issued in , the first overseas order coming from the Royal Norwegian Air Force on 28 February It entered service with the st Combat Crew Training School of the USAF, which had the role of training pilots and ground crew for customer nations, on 30 April that year, it still not being intended that the aircraft be used in significant numbers by the USAF itself. Twelve aircraft were delivered for trials to the rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, and after modification with probe and drogue aerial refueling equipment, armor and improved instruments, were redesignated as the F-5C.

One aircraft was lost in combat. These aircraft, along with remanufactured F-8 Crusaders, eventually replaced the F Sabre in the air defense and ground attack roles. This new VNAF squadron was titled the nd. The president of Vietnam had originally asked for F-4 Phantoms used by the Americans, but the VNAF flew primarily ground support as the communist forces employed no opposing aircraft over South Vietnam, MiG or otherwise.

Ironically, when Bien Hoa was later overrun by Communist forces, several of the aircraft were captured and used operationally by the NVAF, in particular against Khmer Rouge. In view of the performance, agility and size of the F-5, it might have appeared to be a good match against the similar MiG in air combat; however, US doctrine was to use heavy, faster, and longer-range aircraft like the F Thunderchief and F-4 Phantom II over North Vietnam.

Several of the F-5s left over from the Vietnam war were sent to Poland and Russia, for advanced study of US aviation technology, [25] while others were decommissioned and put on display at museums in Vietnam. Although the United States does not use the F-5 in a front line role, it was adopted for an opposing forces OPFOR " aggressor " for dissimilar training role because of its small size and performance similarities to the Soviet MiG The U.

Currently, the only U. These were sent to Taiwan to make necessary repairs, with gave 28 F-5Es issued to Taiwan by May in return. The first flight took place on 24 July The F-5E scored a few kills in a few air battles, but the ground early warning radar crews and anti-air units also suffered from air attacks from South Yemen, the aircraft being piloted by Soviet crews.

Discovery Channel Wings - Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter

After the revolution, the new Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force was partially successful keeping Western fighters in service during the war with Iraq in the s and the simple F-5 had a good service readiness until late in the war. Initially Iran took spare parts from foreign sources, later it was able to have its new aircraft industry keep the aircraft flying. However the exact combat record is not known with many different claims from Iraqi, Iranian and even Western and Russian sources. Also, it appears that many IRIAF pilots were victims of their own unstable regime - in many cases, they were imprisoned and executed by the Iranian government itself, often on vague charges.

Adding to the haze surrounding the F-5's combat record is that many of the IRIAF's confirmed air-to-air kills were, for political reasons, attributed to the Revolutionary Guards.

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F-5 Freedom Fighter

From a general standpoint, during the first years of service, Iranian F-5 fighter aircraft had the advantage in missile technology, using advanced versions of the IR seeking Sidewinder, later lost with deliveries of new missiles and fighters to Iraq. Today, Iran produces an indigenous aircraft titled the "Saegeh" which is built on the same platform as the F5. In addition to these, Ethiopia had a training squadron equipped with at least eight T Shooting Stars.

In , another agreement was reached with the US to deliver a number of military aircraft, including 14 F-5Es and three F-5Fs; later in the same year eight F-5Es were transferred while the others were embargoed and delivered to a USAF aggressor Squadron due to the changed political situation. The US also withdrew its personnel and cut diplomatic relations. Ethiopian officers contracted a number of Israelis to maintain American equipment. Ethiopian F-5E aircraft were used to gain air superiority because they could use the AIM-9B air to air missile, while the F-5As were kept for air interdiction and air strike.

In the engagement, two MiGs were shot down while the other two had a midair collision while avoiding a AIM-9B missile.