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Hazel encourages people to listen. It feels almost flippant to be talking about the benefits of having Andrew is a marathon runner, keen gardener and a poet. Gina Giordani describes herself as an advocate. People working in education and housing organisations in the North Island will It can be really Terry Lynch is a radio show host and prolific poet penning his Beautiful identities don't judge University of Canterbury graduate, Hazel Guyan, is an inspiring young woman.

Good reads Editorial The benefits of having experienced mental illness It feels almost flippant to be talking about the benefits of having Andrew Andrew is a marathon runner, keen gardener and a poet. Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. Hurricane Hazel struck the Toronto area on October , with devastating results.

It was Canada's worst hurricane and Toronto's worst natural disaster. Hurricane hunters first identified Hazel on the afternoon of 5 October , about 75 kilometres east of the island of Grenada in the West Indies. It destroyed the entire town of Garden City, South Carolina, leaving only two of homes standing. As Hazel approached Ontario, the Dominion Weather Office tracked its erratic path as well as the predictions by the American weather service, and issued warnings to broadcasters.

However, few people had experience with hurricanes and were unaware of how to prepare, leaving them vulnerable to the storm's power. After moving inland from the Carolina coast, Hazel seemed to abate over the Alleghenies, where American meteorologists predicted its dissipation. Here, however, the storm was re-energized by a low-pressure system and broke loose towards Lake Ontario and Toronto. By P. Underpasses began to collect water, but by P.

Hurricane Hazel

This is the pause that always comes during a hurricane. While the storm struck the Toronto area with heavy winds, the greatest destruction resulted from flooding.

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Much of the Humber River drainage basin was deforested, which allowed water to quickly flow into the river. The flood plains, already saturated by days of rain, simply could not contain the downpour.

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The first deaths were reported at p. Of the final total of 81 dead, more than 30 were killed on a single street, Raymore Drive, when the cascading Humber River ripped entire homes from their foundations, sweeping them downstream. Volunteer fireman Bryan Mitchell recalled what he felt the night of Hazel on Raymore Drive, "I felt so helpless, but there was nothing I could do, nothing anybody could do. The water was so deep, up to our chins, and all the firemen were weighed down by clothing and boats and equipment. As the flooding escalated, 40 highways and main roads were submerged.

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Passenger trains were knocked off their tracks. Forty bridges were destroyed or structurally damaged and ten were out of commission because of damage to the approaches.

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  • In Woodbridge, the Humber swelled to metres at its narrowest point; nine people died and several hundred more were left homeless. Two men, Murray and Clyde Deadder, were killed when their car was caught in floodwaters in Thistletown, where 12 families were left homeless. Many brave rescue efforts were undertaken, even though the current was strong enough to endanger most boats. Several would-be rescuers launched missions to save stranded people, only to need rescuing themselves.