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Impact of Terrorism on the Supply Chain. Material Compliance Systems. Information Systems. Appendix 1: Glossary. Appendix 5: Occupational Exposures Limits Legislation. More Books in Chemistry See All. In Stock.

Ethics and Compliance

Gemstones and Minerals of Australia Updated Edition. Rocks, Minerals and Gems.

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Water A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers. Tihkal The Continuation. Chemistry : 4th Edition. Molecules The Elements and the Architecture of Everything. Judy Hall's Crystal Companion Enhance your life with crystals. Chemistry For Dummies For Dummies. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Those contacting Boeing may choose to remain anonymous or self-identify. The Boeing Ethics Line is staffed during U. Central time, Monday through Friday and is available to Boeing employees, suppliers, contractors or other Business Partners inside and outside of the company.

The Boeing Global Ethics Lines are available in 32 countries and are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to regulations of some European countries, Boeing may not be able to accept anonymous submittals. Toll-Free Ethics Line: Instructions: The toll-free number must be dialed exactly as listed. If a restriction prevents reaching the Global Ethics Line, call collect at and advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Toll-Free Ethics Line: ; Instructions: Your location will determine which of the above numbers will work. Please note that this number is not accessible from the Palestinian Authority or from the Paltel Mobile Network. Toll-Free Ethics Line: Instruction: If a restriction prevents reaching the Global Ethics Line, call collect at and advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Toll-Free Ethics Line: 4 collect Instructions: Advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver, Canada. Toll-Free Ethics Line: Instructions: Access is not available from mobile phones If a restriction prevents reaching the Global Ethics Line, call collect at and advise the operator that the collect call number is located in Vancouver Canada. Boeing strictly forbids bribery and corruption of any kind.

It is imperative that we compete on the merits alone. Integrity is a core company value and in support of it , Boeing publishes an internal policy inclusive of anti-corruption and bribery requirements and expectations applicable to employees, Board of Directors, and other stakeholders. Boeing also provides employees and other stakeholders detailed procedures to ensure compliance with the U.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other global anti-corruption laws and regulations; requires annual training related to ethics and compliance; and provides guidance and instructions on various reporting mechanisms. This guidance is clear that we must never sacrifice our ethical principles to win or keep business—that no business is worth it.

Our anti-corruption program is organized into nine areas and includes extensive controls tested regularly to ensure effectiveness. Employees are encouraged to report concerns and potential issues. Confidential and anonymous reporting methods are provided. Retaliation against reporting parties is strictly prohibited, and action is taken against violators of anti-retaliation policies. The company also makes its employees aware of their federally protected whistleblower rights which are designed to protect employees against retaliation for reporting potential wrongdoing by a U. We work with our partners, including through Boeing-appointed board members, to ensure that the joint ventures in which we participate adopt similar policies and procedures to govern their respective operation.

Assessment results are used to make improvements to further strengthen the program and sustain effectiveness. Boeing employees are required to be vigilant in ensuring that any business courtesy is reasonable, lawful and fully justified under the circumstances, and does not suggest the appearance of impropriety. Company policies and procedures strictly prohibit offering any courtesy that could be misinterpreted as an attempt to gain an improper business advantage, and include elevating thresholds of management approval.

Before any courtesy is offered, an employee must determine that it is lawful and appropriate and would not cause embarrassment to the company or recipient.

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Additionally, employees must follow strict guidelines when determining if an offered courtesy can be accepted. Employees are prohibited from soliciting courtesies, or accepting any courtesies when a real or perceived attempt is being made to influence action by Boeing. Boeing policies and procedures require that all hiring decisions be made fairly, ethically and in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Additional precautions, including Law Department review, are taken for hiring decisions involving current or former non-U.

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  • I. Our Compliance Policies.

The Boeing financial management system is designed to assure, among other things, that company resources are effectively and efficiently managed and that reporting requirements are satisfied with integrity and reliability and in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and generally accepted practices and principles. Specific to anti-corruption controls, all employees are required to maintain accurate financial records and appropriately document and obtain approval of costs and expenses.

Employees may not approve expense reports for themselves or their peers.

Ethics and Compliance

Use of company credit cards for non-business expenses is strictly prohibited. Personal credit cards may not be used for business expenses, except in very limited circumstances. Company policy prohibits falsification of accounting or other business records. Boeing makes investments in communities where employees live and work through charitable grants, in-kind donations, sponsorships, volunteer time and memberships to various organizations in order to promote positive and sustainable change. Boeing policy requires that all grants, business donations, sponsorships and memberships be made in an ethical manner and in accordance with all laws and regulations.

The Global Supply of Critical Materials: Assessing and Tracking Critical Mineral Commodities

All requests for payments or donations to support an organization or project outside of the United States are reviewed by the Law Department. Company contributions are subject to review and approval prior to offering, as outlined in the Company's internal Company Contributions procedure.

This addresses our internal contribution process inclusive of, but not limited to, the application process and properly vetting recipients for charitable donations, sponsorships, and more. Boeing recognizes that good business practices include drawing on the expertise of outside consultants and professional service providers. To ensure those relationships comply with applicable laws, the company has detailed requirements for creating, maintaining and renewing consultant relationships.

John-David Phyper (Author of Good to Green)

Hiring, renewing or expanding the scope of work of any consultant requires multi-layer executive management approvals and review by the Law Department. All such transactions are accompanied by comprehensive due diligence to examine rigorously the books, records, corporate filings, operations and compliance history of the candidates for the transactions.

Boeing policy sets out detailed procedures for review and approval of teaming agreements and other non-sales agreements with companies, including appropriate levels of due diligence to ensure compliance with the U. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other applicable anti-corruption laws.

Terms and conditions in those agreements must include warranties of compliance with all applicable anti-corruption laws. Boeing maintains detailed requirements for all political activities inside and outside the United States. For activities outside the United States, Boeing policy prohibits company contributions to political candidates, political parties and party officials, and political advocacy groups.