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Ford Patent Sheds Light on 2021 Bronco's Removable Doors

Available for Course Adoption. Features Makes patent law accessible to both novice and expert practitioners Discusses a number of recent landmark Supreme Court decisions, including Alice Corp. CLS Bank , discussing when software-implemented business methods are unpatentable as abstract ideas; Commil v. Cisco Systems , on the intent required to induce infringement; and Samsung Electronics v. Apple , addressing the award of the infringer's profits from infringement of a design patent Contains sample utility and design patents for reference Walks readers through the many parts of a patent.

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Author Info Alan L. Biederman, Edward P. Pierson, Martin E. Silfen, Janna Glasser, Charles J. Biederman, Kenneth J.

Abdo, Scott D. Vella and John J.

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Champion, Kirk D. Willis, and Patrick K.

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Jones, Benjamin B. While the court discusses the precedent on the construction of a claim, no such construction is done, and no comparison of the patent claims with the allegedly infringing product is made. It is unclear whether the EFM technique is in fact disclosed in the suit patent, therefore the suitability of this analysis is circumspect. However, this analysis seems to be sufficient for the court to hold that there is factual infringement as well as infringement based on the compliance of a standard without taking the required licenses from the SEP. The defendant argued that it purchased the relevant allegedly infringing device from third-party manufacturers who were duly licensed by the plaintiff.


The Court dismissed this argument routinely, stating that the defendant had not managed to prove that the sellers from whom they had purchased were properly licensed by the plaintiffs. However, this does not address the full scope of the exhaustion argument, in terms of the protections it grants innocent downstream purchasers.

The Court held that the defendants, in applying for a license from the plaintiff, must have had knowledge of the plaintiffs patent, and therefore held this issue against the defendants.

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  • The defendant next argued that the issue of licensing of a standard essential patent was a competition law issue and could not be decided by a civil court as per the Competition Act, Competition Commission of India and Ors. In which the Court held that the CCI and the civil court operate in different spheres and offer different remedies, and the civil court cannot go into issues of anti-competitive behavior. The plaintiffs argue that the value of royalty must be based on the entirety of the patent pool, which is the basis on which its licensing occurs.

    Defendants stated that this would amount to a breach of Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory licensing terms, which are usually followed in cases of SEP. Finally, the Court reproduced at length the law on punitive damages, as established in Hindustan Unilever , and expounded on the importance of not being arbitrary in the award of damages, then immediately proceeded to award an arbitrary Rs.

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    • However, the lack of analysis by the Court on crucial areas like assessing essentiality, forgoing a claim construction, disregarding exhaustion principles and assessing FRAND terms means that it is more likely to have a notorious legacy, and possibly subject to challenge in appeal on any of the above grounds.